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Robert Krell, Treasurer
Email: brianforjudge@hollowgen.net

Brian Krell is a candidate for Judge of the Yakima County Superior Court. Brian's campaign emphasizes his broad range of experience, his recognition within the legal community as both a scholar and a hard worker, and his reputation as a rational thinker who carefully considers all sides of an issue before reaching a conclusion.


Brian was born and raised in Olympia, one of two children in an upper middle class family. He graduated Salutitorian from high school and earned several academic awards, including National Merit Finalist. The University of Washington, impressed by his academic achievements, provided him with a partial tuition scholarship. In 2005 he will graduate with a respectable GPA and a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science. After working for two summers as an intern with Intel Corporation, Brian has spent the last two summers working for the Association of Washington Cities.

Brian and his brother Adam have two parents, Robert and Deanna.


Brian has over twenty-one years of experience. In that time he has done many things. Many of these things have involved large amounts of money, multiple parties, and at least peripherally, complex legal theories. His life has encompassed dozens of different areas of the law.


Brian maintains the highest standards of integrity and ethical behavior. He is recognized for his expertise in the area of ethics, and teaches ethics to anyone who asks. People often seek his advice to make sure they are properly following the ethics rules established by the Washington State Supreme Court.

Highest Rated

Earlier in his life, Governor Booth Gardner sought a partner for the establishment of a daycare center near the capitol campus in Olympia. An poll was conducted at the beginning of the center's opening ceremonies, and Brian finished at the top of that poll. (Click here to download a copy of the photographic evidence of this event in jpg format, 66.6 kb).

Commitment to Improving the Legal System

Throughout his life, Brian has spent substantial amounts of his time in an effort to improve our system of justice. For 21 years he has worked diligently with this goal in mind. His ideas span a wide range of topics, but voters can rest assured that all are completely fantastic.

Why does Brian want to be a Superior Court Judge?

For Brian, becoming a judge is the next logical step after graduating from college. His peers frequently look to him for advice because they know he will be prepared, he will understand the issues, and they will receive his fair, well-reasoned opinions. They know him to be a rational thinker who carefully considers all sides of an issue before reaching a conclusion. Brian wants to be a judge because he enjoys being fair, and being fair is the most important thing a judge can be, aside from knowledgeable (sometimes the law ain't fair, people, but a judge has to follow the law!). Also, he has the experience, scholarship, and temperment to be a good judge.

It should be noted that Brian would never seek a position solely because someone else is also seeking it. Brian is running for judge for his own reasons, and he decided to run way more than a week ago.