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Morrissey is my favourite musician

His work with The Smiths is unparalleled, but his solo career is often overlooked.
I definitely don't overlook it. I also refer to him as Moz.

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Here are Morrissey's solo albums in the order of how much I love them:

1. Your Arsenal

2. Vauxhall and I

3. Viva Hate

4. Kill Uncle

5. Southpaw Grammar

6. You Are the Quarry

7. Maladjusted

Bona Drag is a compilation so I don't count it!!! But maybe I should. But if I did, I'd have to count all his b-sides, which would take too much work, because there are so many. Moz b-sides are great though, so you should get them.

I'd like to take this moment to talk about Morrissey's new CD, "You Are the Quarry." You probably noticed that I ranked it number 6 (out of 7) on the list above. This is true but it doesn't tell the whole story. Even despite my disclaimer about them all being great, some of you probably think that means I don't really like the new album. But YOU'RE WRONG! It's very good. Moz doesn't do things that aren't good (except for breaking up The Smiths!).

But why do I rank it lower than most of the others? Well, personally, for me, Quarry sounds very produced. NOT NECESSARILY A BAD THING!!! But when I compare it with classics such as "Your Arsenal" and "Vauxhall and I," it just can't stack up. That's all.

Update 2005.28.03 - Sorry it's been so long since I've updated, but I need to update you about something terrible I saw on CSI (CBS). This set of pictures will give you an idea of the context of the story, before I get into the specifics:
OK, so here's what happened. The SCI people (I DON'T KNOW THEIR NAMES!) were called out to investigate an arm somebody found in a meat grinder. And this one lady was like "Sounds like that Morrissey album, 'Meat Is Murder'." BUT WE ALL KNOW THAT WAS A SMITHS ALBUM. From what I understand, this show is huge, and CBS is a very big network, so I would have expected that they would have tried to avoid alienating potential fans like me (AND ALL OF YOU!!) by doing some simple fact checking. I'm done with this show now, but I might try its MIAMI spinoff because I heard it's better, and they technically haven't alienated me yet.


As you will remember, Morrissey was slated to be a performer at Lollapalooza 2004. However, the tour was canceled because of poor ticket sales, so I couldn't go and see him.

Update 2005.21.02 - Moz will be releasing a live CD/DVD!!! It will be released on 29 March. The CD is called "Live at Earl's Court" and the DVD is called "Who Put the 'M' in Manchester?" and both are likely to be incredible.

Sometimes people tell me that Morrissey looks like Quentin Tarantino. This is not true, and here is proof:


Moz is much better-looking, even though I'm not gay.

I will update this site more later!!!!!!