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Here you will find all sorts of details about me and things that I think are cool or good.
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Here are some of the basic stats:                       [a phun picture]


As many of you probably know I use Linux all the time. It is way better than Micro$oft Windows because it is open source and gives ME the control I need! This is how computing should be. Take a cue from the boys at Red Hat, Bill Gates. They're coming for you!!!


My favorite movie is Rushmore. Wes Anderson is awesome!!!
[rushmore - my favorite movie]


I love to drink, but I'm trying to tone it down a bit this quarter to save money. But when I do drink, I drink in style with Bombay Sapphire Gin.
[bombay sapphire gin - my favorite booze]

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[Ha! Ha!  I'm Using The Internet!!!1]

OK that's all for now!!!! I'll update this page later. Hit me up with some e-mail if you want.

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