Danny Kryptonite's Top 9 worst things about being a surfer (4/5 based on 2 votes) *
  1. paddling out
  2. wiping out
  3. the 80's are over
  4. when your bonfire gets water on it. lame!
  5. friends refuse to tell the teacher you're surfing, surfing USA
  6. all sentences end in 'whoa'
  7. sand in your shorts
  8. the low journalistic standards of Pure Stoke magazine
  9. misunderstanding the proper use of Zog's sex wax
Last Updated: 02/24/2004 2:24am

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Brian 02/24/2004 8:00am you set a high standard with the best things list
* - This list topic was personally devised by Danny Kryptonite