Danny Kryptonite's Top 2 funniest things that could possibly happen (5/5 based on 1 votes) *
  1. if you bought a dozen eggs from the store then put them in your fridge, then came back a few days later and one of them
  2. had hatched into a chicken.
Last Updated: 03/06/2005 12:24pm

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Brian 09/19/2005 11:05pm danny i'm gonna come visit you in bellingham soooooon
Danny Kryptonite 03/07/2005 1:30pm or if you tried to hard boil one of the eggs and you got cooked chicken
Brian 03/06/2005 12:28pm it would be even funnier if the way you discovered this was that there was a strange clucking noise coming from your fridge
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