Danny Kryptonite's Top 6 Fonts (4/5 based on 2 votes)
  1. helvetica
  2. arial
  3. tahoma
  4. arial narrow
  5. t.n.r.
  6. sans serif
Last Updated: 01/29/2004 1:31am

Comments regarding this list:
User Date Comment
Erika 01/29/2004 4:40pm apparently you and i have very different views on life, bk.
Brian 01/29/2004 3:24pm it's not always about classiness, erika. usually, but not always.
Erika 01/29/2004 2:42pm helvetica? please. TNR is way classier.
Brian 01/29/2004 1:11pm it's not a cop out, it's a catch-all. and an important one, at that.
Matthew 01/29/2004 12:56pm "sans serif" ... that seems like a cop out
Brian 01/29/2004 8:18am aside from the lack of "verdana," quite impressive