Danny Kryptonite's Top 9 conditions for the ideal girlfriend, as defined by the modern pop song (4.33/5 based on 3 votes) *
  1. must be willing to swim out past the breakers, watch the world die
  2. too sexy for shirt
  3. gotta get with my friends
  4. 36, 24, 36, 5'' 3'
  5. available eight days a week
  6. wears short skirt, long jacket
  7. must be willing to show me how to do that trick (the one that makes me scream)
  8. must be older, so we don't have to wait so long
  9. brings me mexican food from sombrero's, just because
Last Updated: 01/29/2004 1:46am

Comments regarding this list:
User Date Comment
Erika 01/29/2004 2:45pm from blink 182 to everclear... i gotta give you credit for #1
Brian 01/29/2004 1:09pm ps. my girlfriend likes unwritten law and the dance hall crashers
Matthew 01/29/2004 12:55pm uhhhhhhhh
Brian 01/29/2004 8:14am such varied references!
* - This list topic was personally devised by Danny Kryptonite