Danny Kryptonite's Top 5 ridiculous claims made by hamilton alexander (4/5 based on 3 votes) *
  1. pablo honey is the best radiohead album
  2. notre dame is in the "independent" division
  3. that he can beat me at FIFA
  4. notre dame is in a division
  5. that i would love 'that dog' if i would give them a chance
Last Updated: 01/29/2004 7:02pm

Comments regarding this list:
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Danny Kryptonite 02/21/2005 1:59am it would be like multiplying a negative number krell. it only gets worse!
Brian 02/19/2005 11:24pm dude, i've enjoyed your comeback thusfar, but you need to back down on the pablo honey. seriously. multiply that album x10 and it's still the worst, even if it's not bad.
Nate 02/19/2005 11:13pm plus, radiohead's best is obviously "pablo honey". this isn't even a debateable issue anymore.
Nate 02/19/2005 11:13pm i still maintain that you WOULD like "that dog" if you gave them a chance. fuckers.
Matthew 02/03/2004 1:04am plz add: "knells is a great nickname for brian"
Matthew 02/03/2004 1:04am that i would love 'that dog' if i would give them a chance ----- ehhhhhhhh he really said that?
* - This list topic was personally devised by Danny Kryptonite